Hard reject for my ukulele song. Need feedback please

Hi fellow audiojunglers!

I had my song rejected a couple of weeks ago and wanted you to have a listen and give me your opinion please. I would really appreciate detailed observations but any opinions are welcome!

Here it is, I posted it as a free download on soundcloud here:

Thanks in advance!
All the best and keep selling!

hy alex! there is a comment on your song on soundcloud that says it all :slight_smile:

Good luck

Thanks Marian! I know I have gone a bit over the top with the limiting on the master bus but what I really tried to do is get it to a level where some of the other audiojungle items were. Do you think this is the only reason why it got rejected?


  1. I think sound very “hard”
  2. Intro to boring without melodies
  3. Crashes sound very specific
  4. Arragement very repetitive
  5. Some accents breake “backgound fill”

Try to create more interesting melodies, more dynamic arrangement. Also I think that track very long, maybe it’s better to make it shorter.

Alex, pal, I rarely speak about anyones music, but this track doesnt sound happy. It gets even kinda sad towards the middle part. Hope you nail it next time!

Thanks for the feedback, Cat! It is true I need to work a bit more on the melodies and arrangement.

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Yeah, it maybe got a bit sad in places…haha! Thanks!

You are welcome!)

Melody and bass which is strange…

yeap i second the strange bass line which doesn’t correspond to the rhythm.
Still mixing is good, keep on working on the music!

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Thanks! To be honest, I do everything by ear, so maybe this is why it sounds strange. I should take some theory lessons…

Yea a bit “robotic”. Doesn’t really flow or feel smooth at all. Melody gets repetitive too especially for a 3 minute track.

With all respect try doing something more diverse. There are millions and millions and millions of uke,clappy whistling tracks (most of them are here) and the world doesn’t need more. I don’t understand the obsession with this tired theme that has long overstayed it’s welcome.

Put your talents to better use and dare to be different :slight_smile:


It’s interesting because I actually wanted to die after about 30 seconds.

However, I would double the tempo and add more tinky winky celestas and blocks and anything sparkly.

Nice track.

Haha, thanks! Imagine what I had to go through mixing this bad boy for a whole day! Nice idea thought!

You don’t know how much I agree with you with the whole over-abuse of genres topic but I was caught in a vicious circle, between having to make some money and the ambition to see if I could do what others could do. I am throwing inventivity out of the window with my next Corporate track hahaha! But thanks for the heads up, I appreciate it!

Look at it positively. As it stands, this track could be the first ukulele track ever played at a funeral.

Better still, you could make a continuous loop of it, let it play in your car with the windows slightly open, and be able to park for free anywhere in the world.

Listen to ukulele tracks that sell on here, with particularly emphasis on tempo.

PS. Love the picture!

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Hahahaha! I cater for all occasions, buy with confidence! But I must say you would do an amazing marketing strategist.
Thanks, noted!

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I could not possibly agree more. If you search for “ukulele” here at AudioJungle you get 10,860 songs. It’s totally unnecessary for any library to have that many songs in one style that basically amounts to being a cute, artsy fad that’s already gone way too far. Many libraries have put these ukulele tunes on the back shelf. Maybe this was rejected to help put the ukulele theme out of its misery. I thought it ended over a year ago.

Thanks, will do!