My themeforest account hacked but how he did it?

I am trying to understand how he transferred all my envato buyings to his account.

My name is Cihan and my e-mail adress is

When i tried to enter username as Cihan it is rejected and i requested my username and it said your username name is xxxcihan (something different than i always use) then i reset the password then entered to this new account.

I realized that only one document left and all other templates etc were gone.

Today i received an e-mail that : Hello xxx,
your e-mail adress ( changed to

So he used same e-mail address and he changed from my e-mail address to his own e-mail address also took all my documents.

I know this guy personally and I sued him before and now i understand that he knows my envato password and my username.

What can i do now?, if i sue him again about this issue he can say that i only changed my e-mail address within my account and i didn’t hack his account.

Can someone explain?


This sounds like something to discuss with support although be aware that ‘transferring’ files is not possible between accounts.

Yes he simply login to my account by my username and password then he changed the username and and e-mail adres. Problem is envato do not ask e-mail confirmation when you change your e-mail adresss. I used that account more than 3 years and i have 10 template and 2 catalog files inside it. I am going to sue this person but i need solid log files. İ know who he is. I wonder if i can get my files back.

You already gave him permission to access your account by sharing your password, there’s nothing you can do.

This is something you need to speak to support about.

Unfortunately no one in the forums will be able to help and it’s not really suitable for discussion here so closing the thread.