Envato please help my account was hacked!!

Hello, my account was hacked from somebody please help me my username is me4onkof and its changed to cloneshit2241 please helppppppppp.

i use unique password for codecanyon and i not share it anywhere…
please help my funds are there, my work is there… :@:@

I send messages to twitter @envato_help in facebook page via email please very urgent !!! HELP!

You need to speak to support https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new the forums are not the right place for this type of issue

i message it many times nothing… !! :@

Any progress, @me4onkof2? Have you solved the problem?


When did you message them? They usually take hacks quite seriously but it is late in the night there and something like this would need investigation.

Don’t send multiple tickets though because it can easily delay things

I understand, but it’s pretty irresponsible to have round the clock support they have such a large company. HOWEVER my money there, or are no longer … My products are probably already free on the internet and all my work went down the drain.

Nobady help… No action from Envato Support team… No response… Please helpppp…

How the account could be hacked, if the hacker access your account from other location, your account will be locked, and it will require email verification, it looks like your email was hacked too.

You can’t lose your account balance till the end of the month, or if the hacker has bought some items with your account balance.

Did you get any respond from Envato team ?

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Yes they are hacked my mail… And yes i message Envato suuport many times.

Did you open a Help ticket as suggested by Charlie above? The Help Team will need you to do that before they can investigate. A tweet without a Help ticket will unfortunately not be able to do anything.


Yes i post tweet and for now see action by their side. They are blocked account now… But not response to my email