Account stolen and hacked - no envato help or support

Is sad to write this, but my account was hacked and I’ve created support tickets and no reply or help.

So I write here to ask help from Envato to recover my account back


Get in touch with envato elements customer center they would like to assist you.


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Is anyone from Envato that can help me? two tickets and no reply

@KingDog , @BenLeong - tagging you guys in! :raising_hand_man:t2:

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Please help me guys, I really need to stop this and recover my account back

I’ve did 2 times and no reply so far

@KingDog and @BenLeong the Envato account that was stoled is registered with the

I need to work and I’m stuck since I can use my account now

Hello. The support team will be the only team able to assist in this but I’ll check to see if there is any update on it.

thanks @KingDog

Super worried that they use my bank details to make extra payments or change my details.

Also, I need to use my account to work. Hope the team give me access soon to my account.

thanks for the help here

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No problem. There should be a reply from our Support team to your ticket.

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Hi, @KingDog I didn’t receive any reply from the support team to my

Is possible to ask if is any problem and know when I can expect to receive an answer?

I’m losing work because I can use my Envato elements account.

Kind regards,

Ricardo Faria

Did you get their reply on the 18th? Maybe in your spam folder?