I am hacked on my other account who can help me?

Hello all my account where I always was hacked I can no longer log in and the email address has been changed to the next mentioned

email adress hackersliferock@gmail.com

I have made a number of purchases on this account and the person himself stole my smm panel script and placed it on his site "what can I do because I feel helpless against this person

I have not given any details or other goals to enter my account I would like to have my account back

my email address of my account is normal but I got an email from envato and this is the next thing I got

Hello smmseo247,

Your email address has been updated from freedatabase@hotmail.com to hackersliferock@gmail.com

If you did not request your email address please contact our Help Team at https://help.market.envato.com

if you can help me I would like to thank you in advance

Dennis senecaut
administrator of the account

Please open a Help ticket and describe your situation. They will be happy to help.


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Hi @KingDog

i really that they can helping me with it
but you work at envato can not you see who it is who hacked me you can still see from where the login is happening?


Only the Help Team would have access to that kind of information.


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