what is the best solutions if my email and Envato-account hacked

if someone hack ur email and Envato-account he can download ur items and even get the licences ID plus deactivate all ur items.
so if this happen to me and i went straight to buy another licenses with new account or another account and use those license to active my items in my websites … can i do that ?

In case your Envato account “hacked” or your email?
If your Envato account email has been changed by someone somehow, you can contact the Envato support by providing the information ( name, items purchased, birthday, email, etc ) I believe they can re-assign the email address.

If the email address is hacked, there’s nothing you can do accept creating the new account

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if email and envato account hacked than he deactivated my items plugins thems etc … if i open new envato account with new email and purchased new same items in my website than used those new items licences to active my envato items in my website its work right ?

As far as I understand, yes

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this is just only fast solution, i only have one envato-account i was wondering maybe every account will have different type of item download so that downloaded item will active only with the licence that have come with it … sorry my eng i hope u got the point.

Same item with different license code but the license code belongs to that account. If you lose the access of your account, you may lose the rights of the license as well

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hmmmm ok so lets say i have V-composer than open another envato-account and buy another licence for V-composer and use this new licence from new enavto-account to use for my old V-composer…

Yes, you can

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maybe this is just the faster solution if my web was worth to buy another items, and i dont think it will work with all items also, but the main action is to report it, i also just now i found out they do have contact number i hope its 24hr.
anyways this is all just part of my training to know what to do im total noob…
thank u so much ki-themes…