How can i change my username account ??

Hello everybody,

I want to ask how can i change my username ?

Previously, we need to send a ticket to support and they will do that for us but now i find they permit to change it by myself from settings.

but i found these words under the edit form :

Consider carefully before changing your username as frequent changes are not permitted. Changes to your username may have an affect on URLs to your profile, items or services. History of username changes will be displayed on your profile.

What they mean with “History of username changes will be displayed on your profile.” ?


Check my profile page: and find “1 username change”.

This means I’ve changed my username once :slight_smile:



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Yeah :slight_smile: Thanks man but excuse me, just another question : if i make a new account how can i transfer my apps from the old to the new ?

You can’t transfer your items as far as I know. Edit

Hello Ahmed,

Yes you can changed your username. You do not need to transfer products.

  1. Create a ticket on

  2. Tell them why you want to change (a good justification is required.)

They will be help you.

designingmedia said

Create a ticket on

This isn’t necessary- as mentioned above, we can make the changes ourselves.

Hello eng_ahmed!

As it was said you don’t need to transfer your files. And about changing name. Here you will find all information about changing username

Thanks everybody :slight_smile: