How to change my username?



Hi there,

I also want to change my old username to some more reputed branded team name than my name only.

I know a way to change via Envato Account page but it stated that "History of username changes will be displayed on your profile."
I can see that some profile pages stated that their username has been changed from blahblahxxx since July 20xx.
Is this a must that the system has to show this information? Is there any exceptions?
Now the account belongs to the team and I really don’t want to show this anymore as my individual account name.
I appreciate your guide to do this.

(New forum doesn’t got any “Request Staff Reply” like the old one)
(please donot tell me to create another account, I got 1/3 mile-tones & being at some specific high commission rate & with the expansion of the team, we are on the way to Elite Author :))


Username changes are displayed in the sidebar. That’s just how it works.