My second logo hard rejected by quality team... what kind of quality they want ??

Here is my second logo design rejected by quality team.

why ? what king of quality graphic river want ? i have seen alot of low quality and most generic logo design on graphic river.

whats wrong with my design ? strange

You have the right idea, but there’s a few things that are throwing it off.

The comb and the wattle blend in with the red square, specifically the wattle, which I didnt even see at first, and the lines on them align too much with the outer edge of the square, which at a glance looks offputting. The shape of the comb also looks strange.

The feather sticking out to the left throws off the balance, and the thick line dividing it from the rest of the head separates it too much.

Some of the shading details are too small or unnoticeable, making them unnecessary. I would remove any shading that can’t be seen when the logo is scaled down to 80x80px. To help separate the comb and wattle from the background, you can try having a larger darker shade on them.

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hi i personally see a whole collection of reasons why it may be hard rejected and that gives u some possible ways to improve your item indeed

1- global harmony in style
there are some strange thing in what u have here … why is the red rounded square the only thing not having a black edge? this kills the harmony of what u have done …

2- style a bit off
indeed, u my have noticed that but now most of the logos are more likely to be made with pathfinder cuts indeed , most of the logo are not that much drawn in the first place and they are more suggested and made of shapes being withdrawn from some others , yours is much more like an illustration but the thing is that the execution is not perfect …

3- not completely consistent relief
indeed hard to identify why u have shadows in the neck but not on the comb …

4- execution
there are , when we get in deep details, a lot of things that are not perfectly regular or perfectly executed, especially when it comes to the upper part of the comb …

5- lack of imbrication
indeed both the illustration and texts seem to be separated items that have been pasted with each other right now … u need to find a way to associate them more, either in the positioning and the way u match colors and styles too

6- lacking horizontal version
this is required and this alone may lead u to have the item hard rejected …

7- lacking black and white version
this is required and this alone may lead u to have the item hard rejected …