Can you tell my reason for hard rejecting? Thanks

My two logos was hard reject. Please, tell me where l was wrong?

hi as for me there are some common issues to all of your items …

1- typo
the typo is clean but flat and lacking variations and form combinations

2- global style
logos are not bad though there are not looking really very modern in terms of style … nowadays, most of the logos use much the pathfinder and withdraw shapes from some other one … there is also a lack of punchiness indeed

3- colors
for me in each and every logo , colors are lacking of punch and being a bit too “uniform”

4- hierarchy
this is resulting directly form the other points, mainly the 2 and 3 by the way, the hierarchy is not yet as good as it should be , u need to find a way to make everything go “more punchy or spicy”

Than you so much mate! l will try with your suggestions

u are welcome i hope it could help u :slight_smile:

reject again :frowning:
What is wrong now?