My Resume Item got Rejection. Please Help me

Last night i was submited this template & today i got rejection for this template.Why?

Hello, I will give you some tips my friend, maybe this item was rejected because there are many Spaces in the page or found a defect in the quality standards of the PSD file for Photoshop . Thanks

I think it looks alright, but as I say all the time, it might be too simple. It’s just some text and black lines, which does create a nice minimalistic look, but it might not be enough to be of value to a potential customer.

Some specific improvements I’d make would be to “separate” the text a bit more, both in the font style, and the actual distance. For example, the Experience section looks a little compressed, and the hierarchy is a bit difficult to see. Try making the job title a bit more bold or even larger, and also add a few pixels between it and the rest if the text.

Thanks for your comment. It will be helpful for me.

Thanks for your suggestion. One more question to you If the image preview is not so attractive there is any posibility to reject it ?

Yes, if your preview isn’t very nice looking, no one will buy it, so it will be rejected. Your preview image is the most important thing aside from the item itself, people will judge the quality of the item based on how you present it.

Hi my friend, the preview image is important, as it attracts people to see your item but if it is not nice your item will not be rejected, the file being important File PSD.Thanks

The quality of the item is judged by the preview image.Thanks