why this resume was hard rejected???

I done this resume in psd, ai, and docx version. But I can’t realize why this uploaded item was hard rejected. Can you check my attached and help me anyone?

it looks clean in a general way but what do u think is making differ from hundreds of items in the same style? as for me , unfortunately, i do not see much …
otherwise u could have a bit more worked out icons and try a preview profile image that looks a bit more modern and attractive

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Thanks for your good advise. Can I use icon from another side that have commercial license?

hi indeed, u may do this but u have to make sure that u have commercial licence if so, as for i know

maybe technical issues here? check your files… hmmm

hi Paul, i really do not think that a technical issue would lead to a hard rejection, if reviewers felt like the item was worth the drive then they would soft reject , tell how to fix, he would modify, repost and the thing would ultimately make it …