Hard Rejection No idea where to start. Help needed

Hi guys, I have received a hard rejection for my first ever upload. I am by no means an expert so I’m not totally surprised but it is still a kick in the pants ha.

Anyway I have attempted to upload one of my earlier pieces of work, a simple hand drawn (digital) cartoon mascot, I didn’t think this would be too much of an issue as I have seen very simple cartoons uploaded up on the market place.
So as I got the generic hard rejection message, Ido not know if this is simply poor quality (being earlier work) or something different (as mentioned in the very long list of issues in hard rejections).

I was given no feedback at all.

I will list some try and provide as many details which may be a possibility
-My logo was included in preview images (as seen below)
-I’ve realised that one of my PNG files didn’t have a transparent background
-This file has been seen on my facebook page
-the below preview image had spelling mistakes (my own fault for doing it so late at night and not spell checking lol).
-The images in my preview images have been slightly mis-shaped
-I noticed that is a slight chunk missing from the line art image in this preview image
-My other main preview image also had my logo, and was very slightly mis-shaped compared to actual file.

Anyway these are the only reasons I can think of, unless the image is just total crap lol.
Your feedback would be much appreciated cheers.

hi, there’s something that u’ve got to know indeed, this is that normally if a rejected actually is because of format being not conform to what they are expecting for , then they will normally give a soft rejection and explain what u have to do, in particular in case u are a newcomer … . So this basically means that they are very likely not to have accepted yur work for quality or potential reasons, as, let’s face it , your item is unique … . What i anot sure about is what if you are allowed to add your logo, but i assume there should no problem as some other guys have already put in the preview and otherwise what kind of formats u are supposed to have for this kind of file … . One thing is for sure, this is that any single submission , if considered in the wrong category , will be rejected, so that maybe a hint for you indeed … . Otherwise, your item is not bad and i think that it should be for sale as this is really original and never seen before as for i know and i see a lot of items daily , so i tend to believe that you can trust me if i say this … . Maybe they just have a concern about the potentiality to sell this item and consider it as not being attractive enough for customers, that’s hard to identify indeed

Thank you for your response. So you think I’m less likely to get accepted because I’m a new comer? For category I put into graphics and nature I think. I find it very frustrating I got no feedback at all. If they simply didn’t like the image, I would have mu h preferred to have been just told that. As I don’t know whether to waste time on this or not.