Please help! I have no idea why I was hard rejected!!

Hello there! I would really appreciate your help because I have no idea what did I do wrong on this. Can you please let me know what do you feel is wrong with this layout? They said that no feedback can be given on hard rejected file…
What do you think it needs to be modified in order to get it accepted?
I’m attaching the preview and the instructions (is maybe something wrong in the instructions?)
Thanks! I really appreciate any help

Your graphics look great, but you should work on your typography… break the text into groups, try different alignments…

hi buddy, sorry to be brutally honest but i only like the last one, all teh others are too "shallow"and not detailed enough illustration in my view and in addition the thing that @Kipet said sounds very legitimate for me , u need to put much more effort in typo and typo associations, especially for here

thanks for your feedback! i’ll try to work on the typography more. I’m always afraid to make the text treatment too much complex because at the end of the day whatever you use for the text it is not what it is going to be and in my experience copy is always going to be shorter, or longer, so your perfectly calibrated font and kerned text it is going to be royally screwed :smile:
anyhow, i hate working for free, so i’ll try to change it. do you feel if I add different format as well (like 8.5x11, 4x6, poster size etc.) in different artboards will make it more palatable?
thanks again!