I'M new! and my mock ups had rejected ! please kindly help me what I've had to do

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Could you please help me to know what are my mistakes ?they didn’t approve it and i don’t know what was the reason/reasons…

hi buddy previews are a bit small indeed … hard to tell … though it looks a bit “deja vu” style as for i can see …

hey thank you for answering me … do you think the only reason is about m preview ? or there is something else ?

oh and if i fix them and try to upload it would they ban or block me ? i mean is there any chance to re-post something again and again ?

Hi, when you modify and reload large, do not get any problems, if you download without modification unfortunately you are prevented from downloading

Make a great edit and reload and you’ll get the approval, I’ve done it before

instructions are clear and not clear at the same time … they say “bring significant changes to the rejected work”

oh was so helpful because I’ve worked on this much hours and don’t want to be rejected again, thank you

Actually at my first attempt , I didn’t put any instruction about smart objects , now I’ve just read the forum and wrote an instruction but i wasn’t sure if i have any other designing problem or anything about the preview too . By the way it’s really hurting to be rejected again!

what u call download is “upload” indeed buddy lol u send , not receive lol :slight_smile:

LOL instructions will not lead u to have any item hard rejected … if people are interested any our item , if something is missing they will let u know and offer u to fix it with a soft reject only …

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oh alright i didn’t know that! so how may i know why this mockup hard rejected

The reviewer often answers with common phrases, so determining the exact cause is difficult. The best option would be to critically look at your work and try to do it better. No one will give an exact answer here, only assumptions based on own experience.

yeah you right and it’s really unfair for newbies i think ,because there is no clear answer why they reject a project

The same thing happened to me few years ago when I tried to upload PSD-theme on Themeforest. No reasons of hard reject. Then I tried myself in other categories and it’s ok now. I think you can try other categories too and maybe reviewer will be more loyal to you in the future. Good luck!

Thank you for sharing your experiences .

no this is not common phrases … this is remade messages unless u get soft rejected only … where they ill provide u with some individual instructions so that u change and re-submit otherwise this is “pre-dtermined messages” that u receive …

LOL they are not here to teach u design that they would say … the thing is that most importantly no one wants to pay a guy to deliver tips to improve the product , for them, in envato head office this is a waste of time and money … they prefer privileging investors and saving cost rather than helping people to deliver good works … this is no way reviewers’ fault in this case … a policy of the marketplace , period …

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