why my reseme template reject?

help me please,

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hi, this is too basic , u gave close to no graphic design in here indeed. I recommend that u push the envelope graphic design wise so that your item not only gets more original but also offer extra value in the process , too. I am not sure that u realize or not but at this stage the item is only done out of block of texts, lines, icons and your thumbnail that is meant to be replaced. If u ask me this is not enough and this is definitely decreasing the interest that people may feel for the item and decreases considerably the commercial potential of the item and thus the possibility of it to be accepted by reviewers, too. After all, why accepting a file seen as very little potential or close to no potential to sell? in addition, the global organization looks anarchical and things so dot seem to be aligned properly or having the right spacing and so on and so forth. Pls keep in mind that this is a corporate item and a template , in other words, the organization must be as perfect as possible. U can even modulate the content in order to do so, by the way. I am also not sure that the preview are really selling what u have done to be honest as they prevent from seeing in deep details and do not look so very attractive visually speaking so that this helps to be a point to turn the design into on making it for sale indeed. Besides, the point that u make about the item (sort of description that u write on the previews) is simply unreadable if u ask me. The collection of circles that u have at the bottom are also too close from the margin and this prevents to bring sufficient breathing to the concerned elements and to make them get the right attention , impact , exposure and so on