my product upload account is suspended!!

I didn’t upload the same work again. I’ve denied the mobile banner set before I installed it. Then I’ve loaded a normal banner set, denied. Then my upload account was suspended. I really ask myself sometimes. In summary, my second work included a more detailed package, of course, but it was in an updated version (as new). I contacted the support team for my upload account. Anybody know anything about this?

thank you

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Are you saying that your account was suspended because you resubmitted a rejected item? If that’s the case, then support is pretty much your only option.

Support is the only option for any matter where accounts are blocked. Open a ticket

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I wrote this section with explanations, but I wonder if anyone can hear my voice: /

I didn’t send a rejected item. I first uploaded the mobile banner series and denied it. Then, as I always do in all my work, I uploaded a larger set of both general and mobile banners. Of course, I’ve rearranged the rejected items in this section. I contacted the support team and I didn’t get a return yet

So you didn’t submit a rejected item, but you submitted a new item that contained already rejected items?

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yes, but I’ve uploaded a larger set by making a new edit

In the case of your account being suspended, there’s nothing we can do. I know you said you already contacted support, so all you can do is wait for a response.

Perhaps you didn’t make enough of a significant change to the rejected items, which is the main thing you’d need to do. If you just make some simple changes to a rejected item, then it’s not enough, it needs a complete overhaul, and you can’t just pair it with more content either.

Maybe what you could do is create another thread showing us what the item looks like, then we can try and help you figure out why it was rejected, and what you can do to avoid a similar rejection in the future.

My support rights have been activated by the support team. Thank you very much for the information you provided to everyone