Re-uploading Hard Rejected Items

I would like to know if I can upload a hard-rejected item after improving its quality, composition a lot more?

It would need to be significant changes - to the extent of almost being a new item.

Making only basic or cosmetic changes could cause the account to be blocked

But can you tell me one more thing, that if the submitted item contains any slightest composition issue, will the reviewers reject it softly or hardly?

I would have thought that would only be a soft rejection, so there is probably something else also not right.

Graphicriver items are not my personal area of expertise but you can always share a preview image of the item here and there are several very experienced GR authors who often offer advice

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this looks like that soft rejections do not exist anymore or not far … u will get one if u forget a font link or something otherwise this is almost nowhere to be seen

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Thanks for the info, everyone.