Please help! i am on envato 2 years but all my item till now rejected.

for 2 years I just know this forum.
I’ve uploaded some items of vector and logo templates.
of all the items that I upload rejected by the Envato.
I’ve read the protocol for uploading items, and I’ve been trying to upload as it should. But I still do not understand why the items I upload always direject. I use CorelDraw to create a design and photoshop to create a mockup and display the review. I’ve also tried to make the design as my friend who successfully uploaded.

Please help me! I almost frustrating.

Thank you

You’d need to share examples of the files for any relevant feedback.

Submitting rejected files across different accounts e.g. Yours and your friends is a really bad idea and could cause issues for both accounts. Contrary to what anyone says envato does not treat anyone differently.

Thanks @charlie4282 my english is bad, Do not take it wrong, i with my friend not submitting rejected files across different accounts, but i try to follow what he say to me.

This my designs that rejected, i need your feed back.

This is my