Why all my submitted items always rejected,

Hi guys,

We are new to envato here and try to upload and sell our products on this platform. we are design studio that focused on Illustrations, UI UX and graphic design.

we have tried many times upload our products on envato but always ended up rejected, though we keep our product quality on high standard, following the guidelines etc.

sadly we don’t know what is the mistake. it is only said our product doesn’t meet quality standard.

Do you have any suggestions, tips or anything on how to upload products on this platform. we have read the tips and trick, rule when uploading, and still our product always got rejected.

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hope someone can help us here, thanks in advance.

hi pls your rejected items here and we will give u feedbacks. Claiming to produce quality is what all people do but though this is not always what happened … difficult also to provide with something else than generic and thus unuseful advice if u do not show u anything that u have created …

Frame 2

There is presentation and thumbnail we try to upload on envato but still rejected. Maybe you can review it. Your feedback is very important for us. thanks

hi well difficult to judge of the quality of the illustration with such a super small file where details are no where to be seen … however, here is what i can tell u for sure , you call your item a presentation and u have illustration kit of the preview … this is dissonant , not to mention that this is clearly not a presentation that u have here since u have no text part and that this is definitely not in keeping with some corporate needs. For such purposes, this is expected from u that offer a wide variety of screens in which u are setting up different kinds of uses and lay outs accordingly. This is not what u have. Also despite i really cannot see well, it seems to me that some leg posture do not look super natural to say the least and that the illustration could be at least slightly improved

What about these illustration kits? They don’t explain or put any text in their presentation either. What’s the difference compared to ours? Would also love to see some reference from you so I can get the idea of the minimum standard of the quality and presentation.

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i tried to help as much as i could … if u just came up feeling like that u did a Holly thing and that this is unfair that the thing was rejected, u just ignore my message , period! as for me i do not create presentations but flyer but i am working in a small agency for 17 years and i do not have to prove myself, especially for u , i used my experience to let u know how i feel , period! let me remind u that i am not a reviewer and that only reviewers know for sure the reasons why they chose to reject. Now , once again, if for you my points do not make sense according to u , choose to ignore them if u feel like it … after all u are free to do so and u are also free not to change anything at all and get your items rejected next time, too … good luck though

Because they get your ideas only, they don’t want your work they extracts ideas from your work and then reject your work.