all my item has been rejected by envato team.


First, I sent the T-shirt template item, and it was rejected, until I repaired it 3 times and it was still rejected, this item like this

then I continued to send other items, i submit mockup and logo template,

here the logo

and here the mockup

and I don’t know why all of my items were rejected after I received the email reads "PS The team has an invested time in reviewing and providing feedback on your submission. If you feel that you have not invested enough time in making the required changes before re-submitting, this may be considered a misuse of the review process. Where continued misuse of the review process is identified, your submission rights may be restricted or suspended. "

Is this a sign I am suspended? and how so that I can submit more items at the graphic river


hi u have very different things here indeed …

well for the lion shirt design, i do not know what could be the issue, apart from a technical one and some unclosed path … otherwise i like it much , this looks greta in my opinion

the casual logo, i see two main problems. first of all the shape looks slightly uneven in some spots and u have no tagline, which is a required thing indeed. not sure u did but did not show but u had or not but u need an horizontal version as well and, honestly enough i am suspecting that this may not look so very cool in horizontal version … finally for me the preview is not “selling” what u have created and u need to make an effort in the presentation in my opinion

for the mock up the thing is that it does not look realistic , especially when it comes to the concept with other screens right next to the computer and the “blurry side” of the grey part of the background
if u wanna keep this additional screen thing, u need to make sure to relate it with computer by doing as if screens were going out of the main one


thank you very much for the answer, so what do you think, what can I do to nmockup.? Can i still improve this mockup or dispose of these items.?,