My presentation template was rejected again by the graphicriver

I beg to input the template that has been injected by the graphicriver, but they do not give details of the incompatibility in my product. I beg you very much to help my problem. I attach the following files.


It’s hard to tell from quite blurred preview images (you need to do something about that before submitting items), but there are some clear issues with the typography (font choices, hierarchy, spacing and positioning (look at the ‘meet our team’ slide), construction (look at the ‘Zack Green’ slide)

Hmm okay, sorry, if I may ask again. Does the font have to use just one type? or can it be a combination?

I am indeed rather difficult to make sharp preview images. I am very grateful for your input charlie4282

It’s probably better to have a mix of fonts and this is a priority (Google font combinations) because the issues you have with layouts and spacing e.g. meet the team content is bunched up at the top half of the page, will be influenced by having fundamental styling right first

Oh thank you for making me understand. I will try to be able to make a better return. once i thank you charlie4282. Your opinion is very useful for me, a beginner in this field.

hi for me what u have done here is too raw in a general way , , as u do not have any work work the background, the imposition is rather classical and not really bringing any originality touch to the table. In addition, the typo is , at this stage, far from GR standards as this is really lacking variations, font combinations, a few creativity touches and finition. The fact of the matter is that u have no real coherence in the way u arrange block of texts , u have text flagged in all directions and this is hard to find a sort of guideline, and this is hurting the global harmony