My PPT templates are being Hard Rejected

I’ve been uploading presentation templates for years on GraphicRiver, and all templates that I’d uploaded recently have been hard rejected. “found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again” - this is the message I got and I can’t figure out why my templates are being hard rejected. Please help me out!

hi this is globally dark, probably a bit too much by the way , if u ask me. In addition, without being bad about it , the typo is still a bit flat and lacking font combination in my view. Maybe background could also be made a bit more attractive as many of them seem to be about plain black colors. Also pls make sure that titles on top of pages are not to close from upper margins so this is breathing a bit more

Hi there,
Thanks for your comment. What do you mean by ‘flat typo’ and ‘lacking font combination’? Do you think I need to use multiple fonts when designing templates? If you could give me more detailed opinion, it will be great! Thanks again!

hi i mena that here typo is the main focus, no matter where u are posting , they pay a particular attention to this part and their expectations are high in terms having something that is bringing originality to the table (so not using too common fonts) , about using variations and font combinations, in other words, several versions of the same font (but bold, italic, heavy or whatever) and font from different families combining to create a better hierarchy and also a creation with more relief indeed

Hi! Thanks for your additional comments. I will keep that in mind when making templates!

u are welcome, happy if i could help u :slight_smile: if u feel like u have clues enough, u can choose to click the “solution” box :slight_smile:

Oh, sure! Thanks again!

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good luck and good work buddy , u have potential , if u keep what i told u in mind, i have no doubt in my mind that u can make it next time , i will cross fingers for u :slight_smile:

I hope so. Thanks!! :smiley:

Good luck guys