Invites and Stickers rejected for quality standard required

Hi, my job wasn’t accepted. Can you help me understand the cause? I have been a graphicriver since 2009 and have sold many articles.
thank you

I like your cards are very neat. Illustrations are very funny. Typography / hierarchy look good. Colors works well together (maybe the giraffe’s yellow is too strong compared with contrast for the rest of animals). Probably you placed your text / elements to close to margins. A little bit more space will help. But overall I really don’t see a big issue for hard rejection.

Thank you very much, I don’t understand either … I was convinced it was fine.
Do you think with some modifications I could try to postpone it?

hi @arted
indeed, i think precisely the other way around that @DesignSomething said, i think personally the typo is the issue indeed. Do not get me wrong, first of all, i agree with him for the spacing. Actually we all know that adding more space would be welcome, would enable the document and text “to breath” but that customer would probably use it to place a lot of texts , as they usually do (they fail to understand modern days communication made with limited texts and mainly through the image / the visual) and i know what i am talking about as i am working in a small agency for 16 + years now … . They all try to “stuff” the documents with a lot of “sideway information”. Once this said , just like he does, for me, there are only some small issues here and there but maybe that put 2 on 2 together , they made reviewers feel like rejecting, i do not know … after this digression i would say that for me the typo is the problem as u are “failing” to combine fonts enough so that the thing looks a little bit flat and what i usually call a “totem” at work … which basically means that texts are piled until u get a block of text and that block is hard to “digest” so to speak … . The fact of the matter is that nothing is popping out in the end as there is a true impact on the hierarchy of information. Honesty, if i have a look at your work quickly , i visually like it BUT i catch no information so to speak …
for me this is the most important part , however there is something else - i am not sure that your work is being kind of distorted by the mockup though - the spacing between dividers and text is not the same and for me this gets a but hypnotic lol. This is a small thing to fix but this is something that turns out to have an impact on how people feel about your item …
let me say this all the same , i like much what u have done, but u can take your game to the next level with paying attention about what has been written by both @DesignSomething and i … good luck or good luck should i rather say :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your advice!

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u are welcome :slight_smile: