Rejection is continuing

Need some tips please.

hi @glowingraph

your design wrong is spacing, typography, etc but your need practice more for approved in graphicriver, regards.

Thank you sir.

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Your design is very beautiful but has some problems.
Align text and make text readable and page and try to arrange elements better!
I attached a photo showing you some errors.
Remember, you must make your item unique and unlike any other in order to get approved quickly.
I wish you all the best.


Thank you for valuable comment sir.

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hi for me this is clean and well presented though there some things a bit to fix

1- typo
globally this is dissonant with the expected modern side mentioned … indeed what u have at this stage looks classical instead and i would recommend avoiding the use of serif fonts and italic that make u generate this type of outdated style

2- alignment
the footer both parts in the right and the left are not aligned properly and this is creating disharmony and ruining a bit the preview and professionalism that u tried to put indoor item otherwise, while u are violating a basic design principle

3- contrast
talking about violating basic design principles, u are doing tight another one indeed. Contrast is not a small issue indeed and this is bringing another problem to the table in terms of visibility , readability and hierarchy …

4- readability and hierarchy
some color combinations are not welcome when it comes to reading or having some major text to pop out … , all the text in the yellow orange bullet can be identified as important and none of them are springing out or being easily readable indeed

5- central element
for me the “our offers …business” part is not working as squares are not working, they are decreasing the impact of icons more than any other thing, the disposition is not the right one either , it looks strange more than any other thing in my view

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