My logo rejected, why?

Thanks for your feedback.

Your upload this logo in themeforest? themeforest was hard rejected logos because themeforest sell only themes & templates web, you need upload in graphicriver any logos will to be approved.

hi this is cute and i like it , though, to be honest there is a real issue as far as the fact that people can easily redo the same item without using too much time and incredible skills. The problem, once again, is that , even if the typo is harmonious, this is clean but plain and that they may ask u to put a bit more effort into it at this stage, knowing that typo is a main focus here to say the least … I really believe that there is a real issue about the colorful version as colors are clearly not matching …and not being harmonious either. U should instead try to think about complementary colors, shades of the same color and theme code colors


Hello. Thank you very much for your time, patience and guidance. But 4 questions are on my mind. please reply:
1- In this market, are ideas and creativity more important or technique and form?
2- I sent this item to the symbol category. Could this be the reason for rejecting the item?
3- I see clearly that weak and stereotypical works are accepted and strong works are sometimes rejected as witnessed by many and the reviewer makes a mistake? What to do in these cases?
4. Do reviewers evaluate work based on common and specific principles, or is their personal taste and mood involved in the judgments? I can give examples of things that are completely contrary to the teachings of the market itself and the principles that they themselves have stated, and …? I have read all the tutorials carefully.

hi this is hard to answer these questions according to envato’s perspective as the few guys who will help u here actually do not belong to envato teams but just try to make people benefit of their personal experience , like Designsomething and i do … what i can tell u is that , according to what i heard , actually posting in the wrong category normally results in hard rejections … so i guess this menas that yes, this maybe the cause … now , even if so, this does not mean that u cannot get inspired by what u were taught indeed. If u refer to incoherences with point 3, of course, they do exist … anything with a human can be resulting in a mistake sometimes, besides, if u ask me, this is the same with machines , too anyways LOL but what u have to identify also is that u are creating for a marketplace , which basically means not doing a custom job as a freelancer and that some codes and aims may differ … to answer your point 4, no one has any idea of what this is all about, this is very nebulous to say the least … if u ask me , things should priorly be depending on respecting basic design principles and usability of items, but this looks like that this is clearly no what happens … look at all these flyers with some important info placed vertically next to the margins like legal mentions and u will figure out what i am talking about … a flyer where u have to flip the head on sideways to access some of basic information is not an efficient one … but here, though , this is super commonly accepted …