logo rejected someone who can help me

Hi, I need help, can anyone help me? I need advice to understand and improve.

This is the message I received “… we discovered that it is not in the quality standard …”

In this link you can see my logo:

I hope someone helps me

Thank you

hi to be honest i rather like what u have done, though u have killed your work and item out of selecting really strange and not harmonious color combinations … think about complementary colors , this would be a safe choice to make sure to create some harmony , what u really failed to do at this stage out of selecting colors really not matching … i think that the one color version is definitely much more efficient

otherwise, sorry to say just this, but right now, what u have is not outstanding enough in terms of typo , not to mention that i do not think that having many variations is a good idea , as some are working much much more than some others

Hello thank you very much

I am very grateful for your support, I was a little lost.

If you are right the other three color combinations are not correct, I have to look for greater harmony in color, and in addition, it is not necessary so much color combination if you get a very good one, being my first article let me get carried away by the emotion.

I also just found the content requirements guides, and I see that I have not taken into account the small things that are requested in the uploaded files, I leave the link so that another designer can consult them, it is not difficult to find it

Envato Author Help Center: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us

I would like to ask another question if you modified this article. adapting it better to the quality requirements, obtaining a good result, I could upload it again, in the message I am informed that I cannot upload this article again, but I do not understand if it refers in general to the logo design or if I can upload it if I adapt to the standards

Thank you