My logo has been rejected. Can you please explain me why?

Your graphic elements are not related in any way. The cursive font doesn’t work. Overall looks like an amateurish attempt for a logo.


hi i see a collection of problems indeed. First of all , the item has a very limited commercial potential, as it would tale not over 15 minutes to a person simply having a correct knowledge of illustrator to redo the item and why buying the price of a logo if u can easily and quickly redo? most of the people would rather take the option of redoing by themselves, if so , and thus save money … Then, the style looks rather outdated indeed, far from modern trends using much the pathfinder and the withdrawing of some shapes from others. Here , the big issue is that once in one color, the thing is really super flat, there is not relief of really originality whatsoever , actually … not to mention that there is a rather dysfunctional typo , not only in terms of hierarchy but also when it comes to giving some impact to the item , the main name being sort of not super visible and definitely not popping out at all. I guess u can identify that this is a mistake to make people feel attracted with what u have done in the forts place and then, when it comes to branding. Part of the problem that u have is that the tagline is not in the right proportion with the name, a bit too big and that u are using caps , which tends to make it more readable and bolder than the company name. This is not appropriate, this should be the other way around … the imbrication between the text and illustration part is not the right one, too , and u have the same sort of problem as well between main name and tagline … because of the choice of the name font. U are also on the verge and really close to violating a major design principle as contrast for texts in some previews is definitely not big enough for texts to spring out and to be easily readable. Color choice is once again resulting in bringing additional hierarchy trouble to the table indeed


Daca vrei sa iti explic ce vor astia da-mi un mesaj

Thank you very much!

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u are welcome, sorry i can’t speak romanian , i would have liked to tell u in your language otherwise lol :slight_smile:

You should make the logo clearly describe the product