Please help me why my logo is rejected?

LOL sorry man but the first feeling that i had was “wow! this hurts eyes” LOL sorry pls do not take this personally i just try to tell u things in a bit of a humorous way … what i mean by this is that there is sort of a aggressive looks with this logo, a bit as if u had been using a very fluo yellow or something, not sure where this is coming from but i felt like putting glasses on to “protect my eyes” from colors. This is the first points by there are definitely others to point at if u ask me … the first thing is that your logo here looks like a custom logo more than a logo template if u ask me … there are too many details and detailed logos look more bulky when in small size so that this is usually does not good when u reduce the size. Pls keep in mind that logos are considered in small size here In addition, there is definitely an issue with the imbrication as both illustration and text part do not articulate so well and look somehow some way disconnected from the illustration part in the end … Talking about discrepancy and things failing to match, this is definitely what happens with the typo … i personally no connection whatsoever between the typo and the illustration style , apart , maybe from a sort of retro feeling resulting from both in a way … The letterspacing of both name and tagline is not properly done, this looks strange and not attractive visually too and if u ask me, if i understand what u tried to do with it, the pen end as a beak is more than awkward in my opinion and there is also a problem as far as the shape of the head goes , by the way same goes a bit with the hat and the upper part of the head, the execution looks inaccurate and not super professional as such