Why my this logo has been rejected please guide me

hi there is much to day about this item and I will go straight to the point if u wish … u are very far from standards here and this is really not at all a logo template that u have here, this is the bottom line … this logo could be seen as a custom one - not sure lot of people would really like it, but this can be imagined that there is an"audience" for this logo among private companies - but this is really not at all reaching the requirements of a logo template. For logo templates, u to do not have the text and the illustration being intertwined so to speak … this is not done and I assume that if u do so u do not stand a chance to have any logo accepted here for that matter. So, u basically have a real issue about the concept and the way it came out , got materialized, indeed. Then, honestly the logo S like this is really not good looking at all … especially if u consider the thing in small size as reviewer do here …because details look unclear and look crushed so that the logo is more likely to look like a “path” in the end and needless to say that a bulky shape is not synonymous with refined things visually speaking. One of the most disturbing things here is , no doubt, that the illustration and text parts do not have anything to do with each other, there is not continuity, no guideline, they look pasted right next to each other rather than being composed. U simply cannot have a straight and very bold typo being mixed with a curvy , snaking shape far less bulky than the typo turns out to be … u sort of added insult to injury if I can express it this way as u increased the gap between both parts ouf of separating colors completely from one part to the other, too. The imbrication is not great either. There is no tagline and this contributes to make the typo look very flat and too simple for here , where this is a main focus, no matter where u are posting or whatever the category that u belong to. I would also recommend that u try to use mockups and give more attention to your preview screenshots so that u possibly bring something a bit more convincing to the table, too