Can anyone help me why My Logo is rejected so I can make my next logo better. Thanks for your help.

hi i do not mean that the logo is necessarily bad, as there are some positive things about it , indeed, like a real desire to bring something original to the table or to offer a harmony of colors but , the fact of the matter is that the item that u have here is definitely not well adapted to a marketplace-template logo. Not only is the item very detailed and thus losing impact when this is considered in small size but the concept is also not really super clear too, which may prevent u from hitting the targeted audience / purchasing base. As importantly, the typo is very far from standards according to GR requirements, where expectations are high, At this stage u have a rather flat typo, this is lacking relief, variations , font combinations and touches of originality and the whole thing is being “increased” by the fact that u have a disproportion between illustration and text parts, the illustration definitely taking over the text one. I may also recommend that u try to give a bit more attention to the way u present the item, as your previews are rather flat , the use of mockups or things things could make your presentation more lively and valuing your item more

Thanks but what should I modify so that my logo gets approve

This is not a logo it is something ambiguous. I don’t know what you intend to create but it’s far away from nowadays standards.

hi my friend, i think that indeed, this could be a custom logo or a client but definitely is not a logo template meant for a marketplace as i explained, maybe be part of the problem also and , that , i forgot to mention about it , is that the logo is a bit retro style too