My Item submitted in codecanyon rejected


I just submitted a wp plugin to codecanyon few days before. but my plugin was rejected

The Review team also provided these comments:

This item has a nice concept, but doesn’t feature the required functionality and features to be approved as a premium item.

You’ll need to add more functionality to it, the chances are it provides a feature that they see has promise but needs something to make it a premium item - something that no other plugin has, a bit of a wow factor.


i have also fixed bugs, added features and resubmitted it . but still it got rejected :frowning: do no why :cry:

Link to a demo for it? It is impossible to advise on something without seeing it


Sure i will give you

Link Is :

Plugin Settings Link :

Username : demo
Password : eddwc@demo

Chat Link (To Have Small Conv) :
What it dose ?


This plugin allows you to set, in days, how long a WooCommerce product
takes before it is ready for dispatch. It retrieves the estimated date
for dispatch using the highest number in the order.

kindly check my plugin when you are free please :slight_smile: :frowning:

Our security didn’t like something about the login panel you sent us - not sure what it found but will try it on a different non work setup tomorrow

I think you would get an Http Auth popup box.

Just use the below information

Username : admin
Password : password

which will be showing in the popup box itself.

and the use the wp login infos

Looks like its fallen into a bit of a black hole with work connections (we have very strict security because of our main work so loads of sites get blocked).

Will check it on personal connection later

Ho ok no issues please take your time :slight_smile:
I will be waiting for your help & reply :slight_smile:


Any update ?

Hi, Sir any update on this ?

Sorry - completely forgot. My computer/security is still not loving your logins (no idea why - tried HTTP and (s)

Have you got screenshots of it?

@charlie4282 no. but if you tell me i can send you the source via private

Have you got a live link to it not the backend - just front end functionality? Is this it?

If I am honest this is not a category I am that familiar with so even if I got into it is not really my territory to advise on.

Hi… this is not.

my plugin has front end and backend functionality

ScreenShots :`


Again not my territory massively but it looks quite solid to me.

I was going to suggest adding more stuff about delivery options and product types but you already have that.

Hopefully someone with more experience in commerce stuff can help you here with these.


Thanks :slight_smile: i will try to add some more features :slight_smile:

I just got 2 rejections. can i try one more. or i need to open a support ticket ?