My item got rejected today.

I don’t why i got rejection from codecanyon today. I did everything for codecanyon & their requirements but still got rejection from them. How can i investigate my product to make it right to approve on codecanyon. I know rejection is normal thing but working on a project where i put 4-5 month & more time. it’s really frustrating to hear from codecanyon reviewer.

Do you mind to share your item’s demo link, as a start?

@ki-themes Here is front-end part of this plugin where people can find the features and functionality of the plugin and how it will work & how they can use it before buying it. Here, Everything has been explained clearly. I have been provided some video tutorials for better understanding of this item and it’s proper use.

Front-End Link :

Here is the Back-End part of this Plugin where you can test this Plugin. First of all you need to Login to see WP Postman menu on WordPress dashboard sidebar. Click on it and you will find rest of the plugin functionalities there. Then you can test the features one by one of this plugin if you want to make sure everything is working fine or not.

Back-End Link: Log In ‹ WP Postman — WordPress
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Let me know please

There’s a free option already ( 60k+ download ) and it seems it’s working with the same logic. Did you get any rejection message instead of the standard one?

Not the same plugin brother