Help On Rejected WooCommerce Plugin

Hi All,

Last week i submitted a item for woocommerce category which got rejected… before submitting last week i already submitted before 3 months and after they reject for 1st time. i worked and improved the plugin. which some more function .

i also have a free version hosted on

for pro version i have added some integration with some more plugins like

WooCommerce Subscription,
YITH Subscription and more.

but it got rejected.

i got the below reply from review team

This item has a nice concept, but doesn’t feature the required functionality and features to be approved as a premium item.

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They must have a pretty high standard in terms of what can be added to the marketplace… Sorry to hear and I don’t really know how to help here. Not a developer just here on compassionate grounds. :sob:

Yes i know they have a very high standard but in codecanyon they also have plugins which dose has low standards. or same kind of plugins too.

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I see… Thats a bit strange… Hope one of the mods, admins or editors are on here to frequent your request. Doesn’t seem to be much transparency if you cant work it out…

I too hope so.

I see…Most of the time It’s somewhat peculiar… Trust one of the mods, administrators or editors are on here to visit your solicitation.They will surely help you.