My item Got Continuously Rejected

I have created an 8+ business card designs all got rejected. I don’t know what issue now…I have followed rules and regulations for the upload process. But still, I don’t understand the issues I have.
I need a proper review.
Here is my latest rejected design.

hi there is definitely an attempt to offer originality , this is undeniable , but i see several things to say about this item, all the same … first all of the global style is a bit dark all the sale. Then , like what happens with many rejected items indeed, the typo is a bit flat , lacking touches of originality , variations and font combinations. I think that in the logo side, the skyscrapers are taking a bit too much space and u should give a bit more of a breathing to the logo so that this is not being “swallowed” by the building and that it can either be more outstanding and more visible too. Pls keep in mind that for branding reason this is important an element and that it should not be treated as any other element … In the information side, the global organization is a bit messy if u ask me, texts are not aligned and u are thus violating a basic design principle. By aligning the three block of information , u will then be able to give more space to the name and function that are central , actually … . Otherwise, as such , the hierarchy of information is a bit flat. I am not sure that reversing the building are a good idea in this side as this looks sort of surreal and this not matching with corporate theme and style , in my opinion

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Thank you for comment. Can you please send me brief message regarding changes I have to do for resubmit the design.

hi sorry for the late reply i think this is what i did ,pls read carefully my message and if there is something u did not understand pls let me know :slight_smile:

Thank you

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