My Item "Calendar" rejected, need help to understand...

Hello fellow authors,

I’m new to Envato Graphic River. Recently, about 7 days ago, I uploaded my first work named “Ease Calendar” in print category, which was rejected today without a proper rejection reason.

Their are several things I need to know about the how rejection works, and maybe my calendar had some issues.

I tried to make it as easy to use as possible. I outlined all the text, created layers to properly arrange the assets, provided proper documents about how to use and more. The thing that I think is the issue, the pictures that I added in calendar, I forgot their links so I couldn’t provide them in documentation, but these images were free to use.

So, if you think you can provide me proper feedback, kindly help me in this… Regards

Hierarchy and spacing need work, and especially typography incl font choices, styling, consistency and combination


This callendar is … ohh… I want to be nice but man… my eyes.

Google “callendar design” or something and you will see. Your callendar - and in this preview this icons - you can find free licence icons better looking.

Really - If I don’t care I could tell you it’s ok but you know, change color here and here and maybe will be ok, and I quarantee you 2 months of trying.

Make new one, just make new one, live, exciting, eye-catching… :slight_smile:

I am telling this for your good future.

Charlie can’t say what I can say because he’s moderator here and he have to be nice, professional etc.

I am not and I can tell more - so I told you more. :slight_smile: no offence - peace.

one more thing

I see you put a lot of work and time here… you will be big Author here let me say - really, with this dedication for work I am sure

but you need make it look more nice - review team is cold -> like, looking bad? -> rejection - this is their job :slight_smile:

So just a little bit more this good looking things and you are in the game for full :slight_smile:

Hey Novocaina,
No problem, your to the point review is helpful, I won’t mind it, the bad is bad, it had to happen as I was away from graphic work for about 1 year, the difference is in-front of me. I’ll try to make it better, and republish it with new look and name.

I did researched a little on not just Google, but graphic river to see, like this, this and this, so I thought maybe this design is enough to the standards…

Well, I will try my best to remake this calendar and submit again…

I cant give you my email address straight here on the forum - it’s restricted.

find it on my profiles - write me through my profile on graphiriver or something

I’ll tell you what to do :slight_smile:

hi , i think that u have a vaeriety of things to deal with, there is mainly a typo issue, a rather major indeed, as, like charlie mentioned, font combinations are not working and globally the thing is not that aesthetic and harmonious indeed. The logo , even if this is a preview, is clearly not helping in making your job look outstanding

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