Again rejection ! Someone please help me .

One cause of rejection every time ( not in quality standard ).

Hi guys, please help me to sort out the issues specifically. I am confused, I found my design better than many designs approved in Graphicriver. I don’t find where the problem is.

Thanks in advance.

There are several recent topics here with rejected calendars that looks similar to your design. If they got rejected why you try to upload the same thing? The big issue here is creativity. Functionaly your calendar it is Ok but you can find this type of design everywhere. Do research first and learn about new design trends.
The quality standard is 80% about concept, new ideas and innovative approaches. If you find a strong inovative concept your work will be approved.

Check this for inspiration.

lol fonctionnalité is ok, maybe … but if the thing is ade to be used this is made to be “graphic design” as well but as for me , in all the items that u referred to , i have been seeing absolutely no or at least almost no graphic design at all … so maybe we can say that this is a lack of originality … but honestly, i am not sure that this is not more a lack graphic design indeed … when most of the things that we see here could basically made with MS Word … in any case, unless designers want to be th next profession to to swept away from the map, people have to realize that minimalistic things are a disaster and that this is time for high standard graphic designs and creativity … when all the things that u pointed at , basically could be done by a crappy machine as there is nothing inside the content of all of these templates …

I will create a calendar :slight_smile: to test that category

Dear DesignSomething you provided me a link ( 55 Cool & Creative Calendar Design Ideas For 2020).Following it I designed a Landscape calendar but it was also rejected.

Please give your valuable feedback


I gave you that link to see creative ideas, great compositions and amazing negative space in use, cool typography, efficient hierarchy, modern design, wonderful illustrations, excellent presentation. This calendar is far away from what you’ve seen in my examples. Probably this is all you can do at the moment and it is hard for you to understand all the things that I’ve listed above and for sure it is not enough to get approved.

Check this FREE super-creative calendar and ask yourself why someone will buy your calendar?

Thanks for your time

Thanks very much for your time