What you guys think about this desk calendar?

Which things need improvement? please provide your valuable feedback.
Thanks in advance

@n2n44 please drop an honest review. :upside_down_face:

Read this

you think this one is good?
I can’t find any idea of the cover page help me if you can :sweat_smile:

Better then your previews calendars. I like the image area. Now you can be more creative with calendar dates. Arrange them in another way then classic table with rows and columns. Pay attention on font pairings, spacing and alignments now what you did doesn’t work. Delete that note section because it is useless. For the cover use the same image composition without any company address and that text. Keep only the year and logo without happy new year. You can move company contact on the last page. Also you can use 4 colors divided by seasons.

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thank you very much it is quite helpful info. :blush:
and also a question about that last page i didn’t understand you mean last page like December’s page?

i think like u that this is far better though, as for me the organization is not that much of an issue unlike what u said, according to me, but rather the text and spacing part that are definitely having real flaws if u ask me …

Last page means an extra page after December. Ususaly there is a white page but you can use it for corporate elements

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I tried my best to delete the note but can’t because it left too much negative space.
what do you think about this?

  • Basics like margins, spacing and hierarchy all need work

  • Not at all sure the italic works on 2020 or the month title

  • I know you mention the white space but those note lines look like a mistake

  • Personally, I would say the contact info font is too small compared to the days/dates

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I don’t like the calendar outline.you can extend the dates and delete that useless info But the first page looks very well. just keep the logo and delete the company info

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And also you can add some effects over the girl image

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Is it a problem if a tiny amount of text goes outside of the safety area?

It is an illustrator file how can I add effect’s or did you mean edit the picture? Pardon me.
I am disturbing you guys sorry for that. :sweat_smile:
I’m grateful to you guys really I am.
Thanks for the support appreciate that.