my calendar was rejected


hi, indeed, i personally see a variety of possible reasons for the rejection, so let’s get started

1- global style
do not get me wrong, i do not mean this is really bad but, honestly , there is also nothing very revolutionary or really original about what u have here. This is clean but, basically , once, u take out the picture which is not included, there is not much graphic design left. This is harmonious but plain
2- choice of colors
once again, let’s be honest , this is not the worst calendar that we have seen in terms of harmony and color combinations, though, this is not the best ever color combination that u could have possibly had. U should better think about complementary colors, shades of the same color - or also potentially theme codes - as they would have been safe choice offering more harmony again and most importantly again, more contrast. A good example of bad color combination is putting red figures in an environment where u use orange color
3- contrast / readability
u are not really violating the contrast basic design, however u are not so far with the orange color on top of the grey, there is an impact of both readability and hierarchy as the texts are not super visible and definitely not as outstanding as they should be …
4- hierarchy of information
due to what i have just explained, indeed, the months , which turn out to be important information turn out to be less readable than the figures, the problem is that this is really a major information and this should be treated as such
5- typo
this is clean but flat to be honest , i guess that for a template, at least i assume so , they are looking for more than just clean if u know what i mean, especially here where typo is the main focus no matter where u are posting …
6- alignment
this is not a small deal as this is a major design principle. Actually , the number related to the month and the name of the month are not properly aligned
7- matching preview pictures and global style
for me this important, though i admit that this is a detail (/but all details matter). You should pay a special attention to make sure that the picture that u are using is matching the style and colors of the “calendar part”. Here this amounts to what i mentioned above, coming up with a yellow tonne picture for a calendar made of orange is not really purely a good idea , not to mention that people ho would buy could do whatever they like, but in your case, u are asked sort of a coherence and the rather corporate style of the calendar part does not really match with the picture that u placed


You have copied this calendar design rejected for this. This design has already been approved in graphicriver

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