My Wall Calendar has been rejected again

Hello, Dear Authors
My brand new wall calendar has been rejected again. Same issue with all of my items that are not in quality standard. I am trying hard to understand how to reach the quality standard but I don’t get what to do to get my items approved.

I followed guidelines from experts in the forum.


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On your previews rejected calendar I posted a link with some very creative calendars exemples. @n2n44 explain your issues in details. And now you post this rejectected calendar containing the same issues again and tell us you follow our guidelines. Looks like you don’t want to learn you are here hoping for a miraculous solution that allows you to get approved. I’m sorry but I cannot help you anymore.

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I like the general look of it, but there’s a few things which I think could use some improvement.

The bottom point of the image is too close to the days, makes it look a little compressed, and for such a sleek design, it should have room to breathe, so to speak.

The top part for the month/year looks too simple and flat, yes it follows the rest of the design, but because it’s shown at a larger scale, I feel like something else needs to be done with it, like some subtle abstract shapes, gradients, texture, etc. The font also seems too basic, try using a different font for the month, something that fits well with the other font, but stands out at the same time.

I find the layout of the days a little weird, maybe because I’ve never seen a calendar that spans 2 weeks in one row. Perhaps it’s not a problem, and it is different/creative, I’m just not used to seeing a calendar like that.

Finally, there isn’t a whole lot to the actual design that people would be buying. Like I said before, I like the general look, and it’s a nice simplistic design, but if you take away the image, there isn’t really anything that would make a someone want to buy it. Save for a few small issues, I think a client would be very happy to have this if you made it specifically for them, but for a digital asset marketplace it doesn’t work as well. I think that’s a problem that many people face on here, they have nice and sometimes even great designs, but they have little value on a marketplace like this. I can find plenty of minimalistic calendar templates for free, so you need to go above and beyond that.

yeah but i think that many guys do not understand that if they want to improve they need to rework the rejected things otherwise they have trouble to assimilate that what was told is true basically for every item and have trouble to figure out how to settle the thing in another context … but all guys are in a hurry to create more to have things accepted and to make quick money … but unfortunately things are nt that easy and in particular when it comes to the situation as this is today where there are so many items and guys in town

u are right but the footer is also once again too close from the edge too … the is choking right now …

i also think that the harmony is not complete - unlike what u said - for the upper part as there is a a big gap in both sides between the picture and the days … plus why having two series there ? i do not know for me it makes no sense at all …

there are also contrast issues as all green texts are just too hard to see or read and should be popping out much more not to mention that the melted shape under the footer is making texts on top of it being mac more difficult to read too … and what is the purpose of a calendar if the things cannot be read well?! lol