Continuously Rejection Since A Month

Hello to all my forum friends and helper. I hope you are doing well. I really need your help, I’ve been disappointed. I’m trying to upload a part-night flyer and social media post on graphicriver but I’m getting continuously rejection for a month. I’m attaching a Jpeg file and screenshots of the layers. Kindly check this and let me know the reason for the rejections. I’m thankful to all of you.

Download here Jpeg and Screenshots

---- Rizwan ----

There are tones of this type of flyers already approved. Also you have the same basic issues with pairing fonts, composition, week concept, colors, elements integrations.

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Why Envato don’t let us the main issue of rejection?

They do give feedback it is close. (Soft rejected)

There are tens of thousands of submissions across the marketplaces each month - even adding 5 mins to each review would drastically slow the process for everyone and cause a different frustration.

Having just a quick drop down or other generic issue feature would not work either - If the item is deemed too far off the standards (hard rejected) then a generic “typography” issue label will most likely not be resolved and cause even more frustration.

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Thank you Charlie