GraphicRiver: Why my uploads always rejected?

My uploads always rejected and they didn’t give me a reason why and cannot be re-upload. Please help!

Nothing new, @bpositiv, we all have relatively high rejection rates before getting one in!

I had 8 rejected flyers in a row before getting one in, and others here have had 10.

Just go and buy one of your competitors works, to get up to speed quickly, and do the best you can, and you should eventually get one in? :ghost:


Every item I uploaded, I waited for too long then they rejected for no reason. Feeling disappointed. :frowning:
But thanks anyway @tmcom for the info maybe it can help.

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You should follow their rule.
Normally they will send you some suggestions.

@HeeHA I already followed the rules, but still rejected and there’s no reason why. I think they called that Hard Rejected.

Reviewers will provide comments for only Soft Reject items

For hard reject you will need to go back to the drawing board and try again. Maybe you could share your item here and authors can give you feedback. I myself never did that before, but it is actually very useful.

I had many many themes hard rejected. Was disappointed at first but then I realised the reviewers always made the right call. That’s how I kept learning and try to publish a better quality item for buyers.

bpositiv :wink: and don’t give up :slight_smile:

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Thanks @ravenasia for the encouraging message.

Here’s the invitation template I made and cannot be re-upload.

I’m no expert in flyer design but…

Here an idea… I just googled images on Baby Baptism.

You will see there are some props used for the baptism ceremony. Try to add those elements into the flyer design. Also water element (for text maybe) and some doves flying :smile:

Currently the baby looks like want to play :stuck_out_tongue: I think the main image is nice to be used in a day care flyer?

hmmm Try to use those Serif fonts… Checkout Google Font … Lora for example.

Looks pretty good. I think the fonts could be better, the date is a bit too big and the badge type thing that has the humanoid infant’s name on, isn’t quite right. Apart from that, the colours and the layout and all that jazz look good.

@ravenasia hahaha, so my concept is wrong?

Sorry 'bout the font, I’m not good in fonts and colors. My bad. :frowning:

@SpaceStockFootage thank you, thank you very much for the critique.

hehe I could be wrong as well … it just my opinion :slight_smile:

My logos were rejected weeks of waiting …I do not know if the preview file or the design…

No,there is only suggestion :told me to ask you who is in this forum

Hi @bpositiv

your flyer is very good but was hard rejected because I think that too poor typography, try change other font use for title, date, etc, I think that I don’t like color black of title because see ugly with white but try change other color for example purple. background heart change gray to white and give opacity overlay opacity 35% or 25% see more soft.

but I don’t am sure I say you message because I am not expert the flyer, I invite you my friend @n2n44 he know more that I will help you best your flyer.

Thank you so much, regards.

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