Hard Rejected For Second Time - Help Please


Hi all,

I have had this flyer rejected for the second time now, I uploaded it the first one on the left and it wasn’t good enough so I re-designed in and ended up with the one on the right which has also been rejected (I did accidently upload it to the wrong category and was told to re-upload to the correct category)

Any suggestions on how I can improve this?



Hi @mattm3, the right hand one looks pretty good to me?

It is probably a model issue?

The customer has to find images to fit the small space provided.

Or it might just be the envato bug? When reunloading, always, change the file name, as if you reload the same file with the same name, the review team, may get the first file again.



Hi @tmcom,

Thanks for your suggestions, I never thought about the space for the images to fit into, maybe that could be why.

Does changing the file name matter then? As I did use the same file name for the flyer but the artwork was definitely different.

Thanks :smile:



Right one looks pretty good to me. Best of luck dude :smile:


Thanks @InspiredDev :smiley:


yes Shane maybe but i guess they are clever enough to think about it by themselves and i think that letting people choose to do it or not is a much better solution, i mean either they feel like this is not a problem and buy or they feel that this is a trouble and choose not to pick this creation , they have the choice … . I cannot identify that an ite can be rejected for thi kind of issue indeed …


hi, for me this is not an issue or at least , if it is, that should be an issue … let’s face it , we all identify that u need some guys of pictures to get inside and if u have some pictures to put and feel like this is cannot get inside, u silly do not buy, period … . In the case the guy is buying your item and being also able to edit it, if they ever have a doubt about using your item, they can get the copyright preview and make a test out of it … just for making sure that they are not buying something not suitable for them … it would take only 5 minutes to test … . For me , if u have been rejected for this issue of selecting the appropriate pictures, this is just out of this world … we all come up with things that may not be suitable in some situations anyway, and in this case, this is just another example of it …


hi , as for me , i identify why the first one was rejected because let’s face it , there was a typo issue and the fact of the matter is that now that u have fixed it it looks way better … as for the second one, i guess u are not aware that , in case u upload in the wrong category, then they will hard reject … but if u wanna know how i feel this looks pretty cool now and your item should make it here now , this is good quality enough now for this … :wink:


Yeah, Nico, l know, just nit-picking!

Maybe they thought that the customer having to buy three model image would push down sales too much?

But before you say it, l know that there are plenty of flyers here with several DJ image areas, so!

Yes, Mat, l had a soft rejected flyer once, and made changes, but left the file name exactly the same as before. Then got a message about “why l shouldn’t be sending in the same file again”.

I contacted tech, support immediately, since my record was spotless, and they notified the review team.

Then l changed it from Beach Party Flyer, to “Beach Party Flyer Template” or “Beach Party Template” if l had to submit again, etc.

ALWAYS, change your file name before sending in again.



experience helps sometimes :wink: , thank you for the tip :wink:


Thanks :slight_smile: @n2n44 - hopefully I can get this one approved witha few adjustments.


Seems a bit silly having to change the name everytime but thanks for the advice! I will definitely make sure I change the name once I’ve made a few changes to this.


i hope for you indeed :wink: GL :wink: