Hard Rejects is on the rise

I’m deeply concerned about the number of hard rejects from Envato staff for flyer templates. Apart from the fact that the review takes up to 9 days.

I’m not new here, I’ve been on Envato for 9 years, but now more and more hard rejects every day. This has never happened before! At the same time, finding out the real reason for the rejection is simply impossible.

I bet these flyers are as good as the ones I have in my profile, but the staff think they are not suitable for GraphicRiver.

I hope to get help from our community, because this is extremely important for every author.

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It has really become so much demotivating. Waiting up to 10 days or more and then getting a hard rejection knowing it was a much better design than I got in my portfolio, really bugs me out. It takes a lot for me to even complete the minimum payout threshold.

hi buddy, I am sorry but I tend to disagree with u , I believe that a lot of the items that u have in your portfolio are better than these ones overall, but , I also assume that this is also a matter of taste. I really like the blue one that u have here and that has been rejected. Though, if u ask me, there is a slight problem of contrast , since the name, in other words, the most important part here, is not super visible indeed … As far as other details go, for me the dj devine one would have been better with other color combinations and the yellow texts seems coming out of the blue, in my view. For the DJ fighter, still in order to tell how I feel, I think that there is a slight dodging mistake on the hand,. The typo would have been better with sans serif instead of serif. And the red texts are lacking a bit contrast all the same … finally, the western one is the one that I like the less , I am not quite convinced with the initial concept, to be honest , I think this is really way more simple that the things that u usually do and I tend to believe that this was probably felt as “not reaching your personal standard”, I think, I may be wrong, but this is what this is inspiring me. As a final comment, I would like to add that this is somehow someway normal that rejections are more common, nowadays, with a catalogue of products , numbers of authors and new submissions that have increased dramatically over the years