Why these items got rejected??

Why these items got rejected?? Thanks in advance.

in my opinion your callendar is too simple - yo can get like this online for free.


ok then leave the calendar.
what’s wrong with the character illustrations?

I can’t be honest with illustration of this girl because it’s not my teritory - for me looks ok.

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ohk :slight_smile:

Calendar is definitely too simple

The character seems ok but on its own is not enough - you need to consider multiplie characters as a set, different looks/variations etc.


hi for the calendar , not only is this too simple as mentioned by Paul and Charlie but in addition there is almost no graphic design in it … i try to think about it , who would buy such an item that they could redo in a very small time? people would rather choose to redo on their own if they can use photoshop tools or if they are buyers they would pick up something definitely more stylish vesiculating more of an “identity”. Here the typo is clean but basic, titles not outstanding, colors are very classical for online templates … not to mention that the choice for preview is not always the best one … like for the red page , this is clearly not matching much with the selected picture …


for the illustration , as for me this looks cool, but maybe u have an issue of style, about the drawing style and what u are representing, it may not be felt as generic enough to generate a real marketability so to speak … hard to tell. I personally tend to believe that the lack of adaptability of this illustration maybe be a reason … maybe having different types of postures and so on would help … have a look at the great work of @memoangeles or @ddraw , u will have a good idea of what can be done and what can sell …

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and this is what I would write but my friend from france always make it for us :slight_smile: he’s right here :slight_smile:


thanks to all of you. :slight_smile:

want advice?

make new works every day, after 1 to 2 months your works are accepted like this “click”

and then apply for envato elements - never give up :slight_smile: you remember my words


LOL if wish that would be so easy lol besides still do not know why my item - i mean apart from me opening my mouth on a subject … - was hard rejected … i am a designer for 16+ years and my item was binned in less than a hour yesterday …
as for elements , apart from a few great guys being there a lot are not extraordinary to say the least and i know a lot of good designers nowhere to be found there …
never giving up is not an option this is mandatory however this is not a guaranty of success here all the same, unfortunately … lots of successful guys right now copy others , copy themselves from one item to the other and so on …

i am in the house Paul lol :slight_smile: