My first upload can't find it or know if it was rejected

Hello people… Please I new here at graphicriver and I just uploaded my first content yesterday… And I just uploaded only one print file temp… But I can’t find it… On my profile or the website… Don’t know if was ejected or still in preview… I have try contacting graphicriver on mail… But yet no reply from them…

Why I am asking like freepik you can see your files either on review, rejected or been accepted…

Want to know what the case with graphicriver…i just signed up yesterday…

Hope I can get some advice and help from you guys… Thanks

Hello @preious55

Welcome to GraphicRiver!:partying_face: Here’s how the submission process works:

  1. You submit the item → it appears on your Dashboard as being under review.

Then, there are three possibilities:

  1. The item is accepted → it appears in your portfolio
  2. The item is soft rejected → it appears in the Hidden Items Tab
  3. The item is hard rejected → it disappears

If you want to receive emails with the submission result, you must go into Settings → Email Settings and enable the Email notifications box.

Good luck with your future submissions! :blush:


Hello thanks for this… But do they give reasons for any of the rejecting soft/hard if possible…?

For Soft Rejection, they will tell you what parts of the item should be improved and you need to resubmit it. However, for Hard Rejected items, there will be no detailed reason as there would be an incredibly amount of work for the review team and the overall waiting time would dramatically increase.

But don’t worry, we have incredible members here on the forums who are more than happy to share their thoughts and help you get your item approved. Next time, make sure you share your item here so other authors can help you out :wink:

Only for soft rejections.

Hard rejections do not get detailed feedback - given the thousands of submissions envato get it would not be realistic or feasible to feedback on every submission

Thanks so much for this…

I will like to upload another of my design… I have already put everything in place… But I need your help to check if OK to post in graphicriver…

Thumbnail size 80x80pix
Preview size 590x2000
Design: it’s a mock up psd

What else will you need so that I can send for you to check if OK…

Thanks bro…

Well, you should post the design itself here (as a png or jpg) if you want feedback for it :blush:

It’s a mockup of a cushion.for kids.


This is not your mock-up!

You just stole it from here and try to upload and sell it on GraphicRiver!

By doing this you will get ban. That in my opinion you deserve it.

OK but can I get plane images and make mock up from them… Like this for example…

You can use only images that have the licence for commercial use (that means reselling) and you need to buy those images.
This gas tank is from PixelSquid and they not allows to resell their images.

The best way is to create your images by taking pictures or creating objects using a 3D software.

OK thanks 3d will be OK for me… As I do use blender 3d… Thanks alots… Now I know what works and what does not…