Please help me ''where is my files? I don't get any emails from GraphicRiver''

I uploaded these 3 flyers 2 days ago. But still, I didn’t get any emails and don’t see any pending.
What should I do now?

Hi! 2 days is not enough for this process. Here is the approximate wait time:

Thank you …
But my pending option is blank

That means your item has been rejected

Without any rejection emails.
I am very disappointed with my work. Maybe, I will never become a contributor to Graphicriver…

hi, I think that u should realize that a lot of authors - amidst experienced ones, by the way - are facing rejections on regular basis , nowadays … if u are not ready to have any of your items rejected, and are ready to give up at the first rejection, I am afraid that you will not be able to make it here … today is not 2009 anymore , back then, it looks like that all was accepted more or less, now there are thousands of items in each category and this is more and more difficult for everyone to have an item approved. U have to focus on quality and try to bring something new to the table as much as u can, this is the real deal. Let’s face it, at this stage , if what u have done is sort of clean , this is also much inspiring a deja vu feeling overall, not to mention that all is not 100% arranged perfectly well, right now. Pls figure this out, more than creativity , what u are asked for with such a type of item , this is to make sure that all is absolutely positively arranged well all the way , that it looks super professional, while bringing a fresh touch somehow some way , so that your item differs a bit from what is existing … Keep working and trying , no doubt that you will have some products accepted if u do what it takes :slight_smile: