My first attempt was rejected, feedback please

Here is the track:

I guess I am not super shocked I was rejected since it was my first attempt. I’d love feedback on what I could do better. I am trying to learn and grow like everyone so feel free to be brutally honest. No one ever got anywhere with sugarcoated advice.

I think the composition part of this track seems fine, except for the kick which hits in a (kind of) annoying rythm.
Also you could add fills at the end of every 8th bar or so to add some variation.

The mix is definitely where the problem lies. Your bass (presumably recorded?) is way too dry. I would suggest putting a few subtle effects on it, maybe layer it and create diversity in the chorus.
Your piano sounds very cheap - it might help if you switched it out for either a real recording or a more expensive VST. In addition to that you can always adjust the velocity of the MIDI to make it sound more realistic, since it sounds really flat.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the feedback. It really does help.

The bass is from Komplete. I added a few effects and velocity randomizer to give it a more realistic sound. Seems like it sounds like a real bass, but for the wrong reasons. I will definitely try to emulate a more realistic bass with my next submission.

The Piano is Alicia’s Keys out of Komplete too. Definitely can see where you think it sounds a bit flat.

I really appreciate you taking the time to give it a listen and providing actionable feedback.