My favorite track has never sold. Any ideas why, help please


I made this track a year ago. It is in some some ways the track I’m most proud of. Is it any good or am I just being sentimental. I think some of the problems it has are, it is too busy, too much reverb, not commercial, too long etc. Is there anything else I can do to the page that might help, title, description etc. I also much prefer the long version. Should I put this first in the preview. I am starting to make a habit of deleting a track after a year of no sales. Should I delete this one? Any help or ideas much appreciated.

I thought it would work with video like this


Beautiful track Ben, I love it. It sounds like dream pop indie electronica, very cool and hip. I don’t think there’s much demand for this style on AudioJungle, but I think it could find a home elsewhere. I personally think it’s the kind of track that would work best with breathy female indie vocals and lyrics. I would also recommend you go all the way with the retro 80s vibe which is popular these days, and therefore you should make the drums more like 80s drum machines - for reference check out uber cool artists like Washed Out or Kazinsky or College and Electric Youth


Thanks you so much BlueSkyAudio for your kind words. The drums ideas is spot on. Great idea. Drums are definitely a part of my compositions that I neglect or am not great at. Will checkout these artists. I live in Thailand and feel a little cut of from cool indie scenes sometimes.


With the internet we are never cut off from anything. I discovered those artists on YouTube, same as somebody would if they were in Antarctica :smiley:


Great Track, Ben.
I see pictures when closing my eyes listening to your track. Thats always a good sign! :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I’m super busy and also becoming a dad soon, so I have no time the next months.
But I have bookmarked your track and hope to create a videohive file with that song in the preview someday.
I can already see how it will look like! Thank you for the inspiration. :slight_smile:
Good luck with your track!
Best Regards


Thanks so much Anton-and-friends. Good luck with becoming a dad. I have 3 young kids. It really is a roller-coaster ride.


Yeah I have 3 little kids too, they certainly get in the way of music production! :slight_smile:


Congratulations on becoming a dad @Anton-and-Friends :smile:


Very nice track @benmanhire! I think this is not that customer expect to hear when type “indie”. Maybe you should to rename it and replace to Electronica category? But maybe I’m wrong and this just bad luck. Track is really cool! Good luck! May the sales be with you!!! :pray::blush:


Thanks NisusPrideMusic


Sometimes these tracks are sold for an extended license. I would not be deleted it.


OK thanks for the advice.