Why do you think was rejected?

I was really hoping this track would make it on to Audiojungle but the reviewer rejected it.

Is there anything I can do?

I think it sounds great. It’s an interesting idea for a track, and the production is good.

The reason for reject in my opinion would be commercial viability. It’s a little ‘outlandish’ in my opinion to be selling as stock audio on AudioJungle. I’m sure it would work well in select projects, but it’s probably not versatile enough. That would be the only reason from my view.

Otherwise, great work. Love the chilled out vibe. It’s well made.

I really like it. I would love to put that tune in my ear buds and stroll through the city with it :sunglasses: I agree with AurusAudio regarding how the AJ potentially might see it as not versatile enough. If you want to force it into the AJ library, I have a couple ideas; i) you could try shortening it up so that you get to that funky groove sooner, ii) reduce the volume of those “puffing” raw organ sounds to be less “in your face”, and iii) change the ending so it concludes in the tonic key. I have a better idea though…leave it as is and place it in other RF sites who are more amenable to variations in genre and style. If I were you, I would do the latter :slight_smile:

Nice track, it has an interesting vibe to it. Maybe the song looses its commercial viability due to the long progression. When all sounds play, the track has character; you are introducing a new element every 4/8 bar and this should be done faster to get the mood of the song.
Best wishes

Are you guys serious, commercial viability? It’s a super viable funky track, you can imagine very different genre video projects that this nusic will work great with, and that’s always the test.
No idea about why the rejection here, and I almost always take the reviewer’s side in these threads. Maybe the long intro, but that should’ve been reason for a soft rejection.

Everything sound cool to me … I don’t know all the criterium of audio jungle guys, but this track i really great, if you ask me. Keep your head up, work on another tracks and keep uploading. Cheers !

This track is not enough motivating and inspiring, it really makes me sad! Where this beatiful, inspring corporate indie motivational intro with warm muted and acoustic guitar? Pfff…

Ok, enough trolling.

Your track is awesome @KabbalisticVillage, I really do not understand Envato. It is catchy and cool. No problems with mixing and mastering, great idea.

Wow. Really surprised this got rejected. Seriously great work, @KabbalisticVillage!

I’m honestly disappointed that a track like this can’t make it on AJ…fresh, great vibe, very usable IMHO.

Oh well, best of luck next time…don’t let this one get you down, I think you got the short end of the stick on this one.